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30 / 01 / 18

Aromatherapy candle massage

A warming ritual for your body and soul…

Take an exceptionally relaxing journey during a warming and relaxing aromatherapy massage. A unique novelty in our offer, specially created for both the body and the soul to experience an aromatic stress relief.
The aromatherapy candle we use at Sheraton Sopot Spa is one of many unique, handmade natural cosmetics produced locally by Izabela Ryska, a biotechnologist who is passionate about bringing nature with cosmetics.
A unique ritual with a warm candle combines a relaxing back, shoulder and head massage with elements of aromatherapy and a pleasant warmth of hot oil. When melting, the candle turns into massage oil at a temperature close to the temperature of the human body. Unique ingredients including macerate a unique ingredient from the Baltic Sea, shea butter and natural essential oils make the skin more moisturized, smooth and velvety to the touch. The warmth brings you a state of relaxation, and the floating scent of essential oils has a soothing effect on all your senses. The whole ritual is a unique sensual ceremony during which the body and soul reach a state of balance and harmony.
It’s worth taking care of your skin during and after winter.